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Updated: Jan 9

Talk about an occasion that deserves a little treat

Every year on our dad's deaths anniversaries, Kire's very own KAC and I send each other a grieft - a grief gift. It started very early on in our friendship and has become an essential tradition between the two of us ever since. We both really look forward to giving and receiving these grief gifts or griefts as we have deemed them. They are always symbolic and usually something glam!

Part of what motivated us to create Kire was the lack of items to give for such occasions. Everything felt so bland and impersonal. Weird sterile pamphlets and tacky live, laugh, love picture frames would not do. Certainly, we could not be the only people looking to give something meaningful and chic when placed in similar situations.

So here is the beginning of our shopping guide. Our little drop of comfort and glamour to mark the occasion of someone’s death and really to honor someone's grief. We will be dropping some of our favorites each week as we do with the various practitioners and pieces of media we consume.

Please send us any and all griefts that we should know about!

In the culture:

  • Luke Russert’s new book LOOK FOR ME THERE. He gave an interview to people mag on what we can expect to read

  • Grief is real among all creatures - CBS Sunday Morning covers a heartwarming story about Blossom the goose

  • Griefts of the week - A lantern - a chic way to remember the light

  • Service providers who have our attention - Sparrow New York is a contemporary funeral home in NYC, more about them and their mission here

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